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Hey! I'm Michael Hollner. My wife (Amy) and I grew up, own real estate, got married, work, have kids and run a small business in the Capital Region, NY. We've contemplated moving elsewhere, but this is where we've made home. We bought the house my grandfather built in the 50's in 2018, got married in 2019 and had 3 kids in 2020, 2021 and 2024. I started involving myself more with trying to buy properties to hold long-term since my first child was born (Clubhouse Developments est. 2020). First property I went to, property was in good condition so when I offered a cash price, of course it didn't make sense for them. "So how can I help them without passing them along," I thought. I wanted to be able to provide that solution directly to help them find a top-dollar buyer. I got my real estate license in 2021 and am currently licensed with Serenity Real Estate Team, a NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker. Through other avenues of me wanting to not outsource certain tasks (since I already had a drone), I am a certified FAA certified and licensed remote pilot to be able to utilize the drone for marketing rather than hire it out and drive the cost of working with me up.

Through the years, though, I have learned and evolved to not focus so much on what will make us the most money, but what we can enjoy doing.

This is what I enjoy doing:

-  #1 thing: showing my kids new things.

-  Photographing/Videoing cars and real estate.

-  Flying drones for cinematic videos/photos.

-  Working with family to kick ass on a job.

-  Sharing those videos and things I've learned/seen on YouTube (

-  Helping people market/find real estate (

-  Utilizing tools to make work enjoyable (Toro Timecutter HD Zero-Turn Lawn Mower :-D, Matterport3D real estate mapping, DJI drones).

-  Seeing a great before and after photo.

-  Supporting small business.

-  Ridesharing as a means to stay informed and engaged in the area.

-  Attending shows and events around the capital region to engage the minds of my young children and connect with communities I enjoy being in.

-  Supporting the educational development of the next generation.

-  Cars, sim racing, community, coffee, etc. ( 

If you are a resident, visitor or small business owner looking to connect, feel free to shoot me a call or a text!


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